05 May 2021

Little Hall sets new benchmark for hall of residence

  26 Feb 2019

University of Melbourne launches $30m Hansen scholarships

  14 Sep 2018

New private jet terminal unlocks opportunities for Victoria

  28 Jun 2018

Kanana Douglas DC-3 restoration project

  15 Apr 2018

$30m gift to University of Melbourne to transform students' lives

  21 Dec 2017

New $10m vessel launched for Port Phillip Ferries

  16 Feb 2017

Construction starts on Australia’s first world-class private jet terminal

  12 May 2016

Launch of new ferry business to support Victoria’s transport needs

  19 Feb 2016

The Australian, Jane Hansen’s $1m gift forms foundation of stronger MTC

  19 Feb 2016

Melbourne Theatre Company receives record $1 million private donation

  19 Feb 2016

Little's big donation to Melbourne Theatre Company 'a true milestone'

  26 Nov 2015

Little $10m grant makes big history

  24 Nov 2015

Passion for history fires generous gift

  25 Nov 2015

History fervour spurs $10m uni donation

  24 Nov 2015

Generous history gift an act of hope for the future

  01 Jul 2014

Little Group acquires Real Estate Corp